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Dyana Jean shares a very insightful and warmhearted exchange with the amazing Dr. Yvonne Kaye. Dr. Kaye shares her story of survival in the London Blitz back in WWII during several bombings and all of her insights about life that have accumulated through the years doing work as a motivational speaker, interfaith minister, women’s advocate, counselor, writer, radio talk show host, and bereavement and trauma specialist.

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Dyana Jean interviews Catholic Author, Anne Urne on her book : Trust Me, The Untold Story of Mary Magdalene.

TRUST ME — YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO PUT THIS BOOK DOWN TILL YOU GET TO THE AMAZING CONCLUSION — The spiritual quest of Anne Urne leads her to discover hidden truths about Mary Magdalene, Jesus, his mother Mary and even Adam and Eve; revelations that…… make the secrets in the DaVinci Code sound like only the beginning. Myth, legend, secrets, lost books, ancient scrolls, scripture and mysticism collide to reveal the most astonishing story ever told. A murder that changed history – - Christianity, Judaism and Reincarnation reconciled. Discover truths about an ancient murder – one that affected not only the family and people involved – but all of mankind.

Anne Urne made a simple decision to read the Bible and that quickly turned into a devotion and mission to learn which lasted decades. She sought answers to mysteries and found apocryphal books and ancient manuscripts that provided delightful synchronicities and powerful revelations that she shared in A Spiritual Trilogy. She attributes much of her inspiration to St. Therese of Lisieux.

The Da Vinci Code compelled Anne to find out the truth about Mary Magdalene and she was taken on a new adventure that unveiled startling conclusions.
Trust Me the Untold Story of Mary Magdalene is a remarkable story you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Dan Brown couldn’t solve this mystery!


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